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Your needs

Providing the care our clients needs
Our unique strength is our ability to tailor care to our clients' precise needs. We recognize that every person will require a different level of care and we respect each client's individuality and personal preferences.

Initial assessment
The first meeting we have with you is an assessment of the care you require Once you have made contact or enquired about Broomhill, we'll send a manager to talk through your needs and make suggestions. From this initial conversation, we will then draw up a Care Plan, laying out how we will meet your needs in the most practical, effective and sensitive way.

This initial assessment will also help our manager decide which of our employees will be most able to support you at home. It also provides the respective carer with important details about your care needs, so they understand your circumstances and know what to expect when they arrive.

You're in control at every stage
You will be contacted by a supervisor before your Care Plan starts, to ensure you are completely satisfied with every aspect of the support we've arranged. You'll also have access to a manager at all times, day or night, 365 days of the year - should you have any queries or wish to make changes.

As Broomhill is registered with Care Quality Commission and follows The National Care Standards guidelines, you can feel reassured that you are receiving the highest possible standard of quality care.

Keeping up-to-date with your needs
Our mission at Broomhill is to provide care until it's no longer required. This is our aim at the start of the Care Package and when we reach this point, we know we have achieved success as a professional care agency. In fact, we like nothing better than being told that your loved one no longer needs our help.